• Guaranteed your deposit back  (the property needs to be vacant

  • Price match on quotes (within reason and proof provided)

With over 15 years experience and highly trained in the cleaning industry, obsession cleaners are who to call for your services.

At obsession cleaners we have not had any call backs to go over places we have missed since we started off.


Move in/out Cleaning Service

  • Hover carpets and mats;

  • Mop the floors;

  • Clean wardrobes both from the inside and out;

  • Polish wooden surfaces;

  • Wipe kitchen worktops;

  • Wash kitchen appliances like ovens, fridges and microwaves;

  • Clean the toilet and the bathroom tiles;

  • Wash the shower cabin and bathtub;

  • Remove limescale;

  • Dust shelves and electronics;

  • Polish mirrors and picture frames;

  • Wipe staircases;

  • Wipe doors, knobs and frames;

  • Clean skirting boards;

  • Dust light fixtures, lamps, switches, plugs, sockets;

  • Wash windows, frames and dust aluminium blinds;

  • Remove cobwebs and dust walls;

  • Wipe coving, picture and curtain rails;

  • Clean behind and under big pieces of furniture;

  • Clean inside and outside fridge freezer.

Builders Cleaning Service

 There are two stages of a builders clean –

Initial / Rough Clean

This is the first stage of a builders clean and  involves removal of rubbish, dust and debris from all surfaces of the building. It is usually done part way through the construction process (e.g. cleaning up all the gyprock dust so floors or tiles can be installed). A lot of builders also use this service before a client walk through so any trade defects can be easily spotted.

Final Detail Clean

This is the final stage and is what sets a REAL builders clean apart from a regular house clean. It involves removal of trade defects such as render splatter on windows, straightening grout lines and removing grout haze on tiles, detailing of tiles, paint marks from floorboards and much more.

The final detail clean is what will give your home that showroom quality finish. You can easily tell when a new home has had a final detail clean because the difference is like night and day.

This stage also takes the longest due to the amount of detail that is required. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cleaning companies who leave this part out of their quote to make their prices seem cheaper or because they have no idea what a REAL builders clean is supposed to include. Worse yet, there have been cases of some cleaners causing permanent damage to the home by using harsh chemicals unnecessarily and without the necessary experience.